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Message from The Chairman

'Strength of mind is increased and intellect is expanded, in order that children take their right place in today's world, stand on their feet and walk tall'.

Indirapuram Public School, Patna started its journey in April, 2016. The Society envisions education as a powerful instrument for the enlightenment and empowerment of our citizens. Empowering our girls to build a positive society is the need of the hour making, them self-reliant.

I am aware that the 'winners' or 'thrivers' of the 21st century will be those who possess strong analytical skills, a knack for foresight as problem seekers, adequate creativity and most necessarily good people skills that make them humane in their thoughts and action.

If we were to achieve this, I believe the single most important idea for revolutionizing education concerns a change in thought. It is to shift the focus from one of making a system that teaches children a curriculum more efficiently to one of making the system more effective by inspiring lifelong learning in students that empowers them to have full and productive lives in a rapidly shifting economy.

We take the pride in telling that the improvement is satisfactory as compared to the level on which they were admitted to the school and hope we would continue with the same in the future.

With all that said, I affirmatively believe that working together we can achieve the goal to make Indirapuram Public School the cradle of leadership and values, from the portals of which will emerge generations of future leaders in every sphere of activity in our country; as indeed in the world of tomorrow.

Vishal Singh

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